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25 Best Foods For Glowing Skin

It’s true, foods that can enhance beauty! Food is medicine, and indeed, food is skincare. In this article we'll share 25 best foods for glowing skin. Your skin is a mirror for your internal health. Addressing challenging skin issues should always include a look at your body's internal dynamics. Food is a potent form of medicine, and what you eat can lead to more radiant skin.  Let’s dig into the link between food and your skin health and top foods for great skin.


The link between food and your skin

So much! But let me start with a story. Recently, a long-time client began experiencing dark melasma in her early 40s. Despite grappling with sporadic skin issues, primarily acne, for years, she had healthy skin. Suddenly, she had this very difficult-to-treat skin condition. What gives?

Well, hyperpigmentation is triggered by melanocytes near the skin's surface. It’s most often the result of free radical damage or skin trauma (unlike melasma, which looks similar, is mostly caused by hormones).

Since this was a big and sudden shift, it was worth asking, what changed. 

It turns out that her vegetarian diet was leading to deficiency in B12 but also, low iron levels (this was confirmed with testing). 

This internal iron imbalance is often a cause of hyperpigmentation

Food influences skin health profoundly.

As an esthetician, I see this day-in-day-out. I’m constantly uncovering underlying issues involving exploring diet, sleep patterns, and stress levels. Frequently, these inquiries unearth food-related culprits. 

Another common scenario, especially among men I treat is another great example.

Excessive use of whey (in protein shakes, bars, etc), often leads to breakouts, uneven skin tone, or oily skin. The body struggles to digest whey protein, leading to constipation and skin toxicity.

Food serves as a potent healer, and it truly impacts our skin's vitality.


So, what are the best foods for glowing skin?

First, I'm not a dietician. I'm not a nutritionist. These are foods I simply love, that have a lot of recorded health benefits.

Food is medicine. If you have an ailment, there is a food, herb, or plant to support you. While it’s an old adage, eating the rainbow is good for you, especially if you’re going through menopause or dealing with other health or skin issues like teen acne or rosacea.

Take a body scan each morning. How do you wake up? Thirsty? Tired? In a good mood? These are things we can change and affect with our food. And then there are simply foods for glowing skin you should just incorporate more regularly. 

So, what should we be eating more of?


1. Whole foods

Embrace whole foods. Avoid packaged foods and opt for a diverse, colorful diet.


2. Spring water

Prioritize water intake, particularly spring water. Find reliable sources using and consider installing filtration systems in your shower and kitchen sink. And check the levels of your tap water contaminants so you know.


3. Sweet potatoes

Incorporate sweet potatoes into your diet. They're rich in carotenoids and beta-carotene, converting to vitamin A, which supports skin health and addresses issues like acne, rheumatic conditions, arthritis, and asthma. Additionally, they provide essential nutrients like iron, copper, B vitamins, and folate.


4. Nettle tea

There are lots of health benefits to nettle tea, and it’s especially beneficial for women's health. Nettle tea is great for boosting your kidney and liver function which helps your body detox.


5. Hibiscus

Embrace hibiscus, known for its skin-nourishing properties—a natural Botox, if you will. Pair this with topic retinol alternatives like Bakuchiol Oil and Broccoli Seed Oil, found in MoonLitFromWithin Face Oil for a radiant, youthful glow without active ingredient overload.


6. Buckwheat

Include buckwheat hot cereal in your meals. Gluten-free and packed with nutrients like B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, folate, and iron, it aids in metabolism and blood sugar regulation while promoting tissue repair and collagen production. If you want to boost colagen production more, you can also try our VibrantBoost face mist!


7. Goji Berries

Soak and consume goji berries to combat stress, boost strength, and preserve youthfulness. Pair with a lovely reishi mushroom—also known for releasing stress—bath salt soak and you’re golden. 


8. Walnuts

Indulge in walnuts, a top beauty food due to their high content of healthy fats that promote shiny hair.


9. Raw Almonds

Snack on raw almonds to combat dry skin and chapped lips. They’re rich in vitamin E, a skin softener, and are used in traditional Chinese medicine for their anti-inflammatory properties.


10. Bee Pollen

Harness the nutritional power of bee pollen powder, packed with vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. It fights acne, supports libido and digestion, relieves stress, and balances hormones.


11. Spirulina

Incorporate spirulina, a potent antioxidant (found in our RadicalSeeker Honey Mask) into your diet. Rich in vitamins C, B, D, and K, and beta-carotene aiding collagen production and benefiting those struggling with acne.


12. Evening Primrose Oil

Benefit from evening primrose oil, which balances hormones, dissolves fat deposits, reduces cholesterol, boosts immunity, and promotes skin barrier healing.


13. Peppers

Add peppers of all colors to your meals for their high vitamin A and C content—these are super beneficial for skin health.


14. Watermelon, red apples and tomatoes

Enjoy apples and watermelon for their hydrating properties, and antioxidant content due to the high lycopene.


16. Figs

Incorporate figs into your diet to help dissolve mucus, promote bowel movements, and enhance nutrient absorption. Yep, pooping is important. 


17. Radishes

Benefit from radishes, which aid in removing toxins from the body and promoting skin radiance. These are in my top 6 foods for cold and flu season.


18. Black (Forbidden) Rice

Opt for black rice for its gluten-free nature and rich in vitamin C, iron, and calcium.


19. Organic Blueberries (or other organic berries)

Enjoy seasonal berries for their antioxidant properties.


20. Hemp Heart or Seeds

Include hemp hearts in your diet for their protein content and skin benefits. A super great food for glowing skin!


21. Flax Seeds or Flax Meal

Incorporate flax seeds or flax meal for their hair-nourishing properties.


22. Cabbage

Enjoy cabbage for its high vitamin C content, promoting anti-aging, tissue healing, and detoxification.


23. Romaine lettuce

Include romaine lettuce in your meals for its antioxidant content and blood pressure regulation.


24. Beets

Incorporate beets into your diet to help increase the body's nitric oxide, an important molecule that helps lower blood pressure and open up blood vessels. This is linked to your oral microbiome health, too.


25. Organic Bone Broth

Bone broth contains nutrients that support your gut’s microbiome health, indirectly benefiting liver function and aiding in detoxification



Like I said, food is medicine! Pretty awesome right. Hope this list of top foods for great skin is helpful—glow on, beauties. 


✨Jenny Jewel✨

Two jewels: 1) A friend taught me this: add spirulina to your hummus. It’s f*cking delicious. 2) Add some good skincare supplements to boost your diet and get that lit from within glow.


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