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Your Oral Microbiome and Your Skin: A Secret Connection

Oral Microbiome and Your Skin

In the pursuit of glowing, healthy skin, we often focus on topical treatments: serums, retinol, cleansers, lasers, and one thousand and one devices you often forget to use. However, there's a hidden factor that could be influencing your skin health— from within—your oral microbiome. You know I love talking about the importance of protecting your microbiome and I’m equally passionate about this part of it. Let's get into the best toothpaste for oral microbiome, the best mouthwash for oral microbiome and, most important for me personally, how it affects your skin!


First, what is the oral microbiome?

The oral microbiome is like a bustling community of tiny organisms living in your mouth—sounds odd but it’s just one of the microbiomes we have in our body. There are 4 major ones: your gut, your skin, your mouth and your vagina (if you have one). 

Anyway, the organisms that make up the microbiome include bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Some are good and help keep your mouth healthy, while others can cause problems like cavities, gum disease, and even heart disease if they grow too much. Taking care of your oral microbiome by brushing your teeth (with the right toothpaste! More below.), eating healthy foods, and seeing the dentist helps keep your mouth happy and healthy.


How does the oral microbiome affect your skin?


Research suggests that your oral microbiome plays a crucial role in the condition of your skin. If your oral microbiome is off, it could contribute to various skin issues. Major ones:

  • Acne:

    • Recent studies have suggested a potential link between specific bacteria in the oral cavity and the occurrence of acne. I’ve got a lot to say on acne, it’s personal to me— it was the key reason I got into clean skincare and oral products. 

  • Rosacea:

    • There’s a decent link between rosacea and your microbiome overall. I’d say that so many people start on pre and probiotics for their gut but they forget the bacteria in the oral microbiome. Food is a huge trigger for rosacea too. AND you should make sure you’re not self-inflicting it by overusing actives in your skin care products. 

  • Perioral Dermatitis:

    • This inflammatory facial rash, often around the mouth and eyes, has been linked to lots of things, one of which is the oral microbiome. Maintaining oral health is one of my pro tips for tackling this one. A less-is-more approach is also huge with this condition.

  • Eczema:

    • The gut-skin axis, which includes the oral microbiome, is related to eczema. If you’re struggling with this. Other things to look at are phthalates, fragrance, and stress triggers.

5 tips for care for your oral microbiome


People! Maintaining good oral hygiene goes beyond the basic brush and floss routine. It’s about what you're doing, but also what you’re using. 


  • Oil Pull

Oil pull with an organic oil swish to detoxify the entire body and support the immune system. This is best done in the morning or after brushing at night. Swish for 15 minutes to balance the pH of the mouth and facilitate the flow of saliva.

Pro tip: I love this Oral Swish by Uncle Harry’s but you can also use cold-pressed organic sesame oil or organic coconut oil.

  • Remineralize

Use remineralizing powder because it will strengthen enamel and support an alkaline pH.

Pro tip: Can you tell I like Uncle Harry’s? This one is what I use. There are others.

  • Brush with mineral toothpaste

Neutralize acid and bacteria with alkalizing mineral toothpaste. It’s important to do a deep dive into your medicine cabinet. Many commercial toothpaste, and surprisingly, ‘healthy’ toothpaste include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This ingredient is linked to acne and dermatitis and can cause severe skin irritation and allergies.

Pro tip: Again, the best toothpaste for oral microbiome is something like this one Uncle Harry’s makes. Living Libations (who I credit with getting me into this space) is also wonderful. Good old-fashioned baking soda works too. 

  • Swish with hypochlorous acid

If you're looking for the best mouthwash for oral microbiome it's not a traditional mouthwash. Rather than use a traditional mouthwash that kills bad bacteria but also good bacteria that you want— it's like taking an antibiotic shot in your mouth, instead use hypochlorous acid as a swish. 

Pro tip: This is what I use.

  • Tongue scrape

Use a copper tongue scrapper to clear toxins and bacteria 

Pro tip: Lots of places sell these. They make them out of other materials but I’m strongly in favor of copper.




✨Jenny Jewel✨

A healthy oral microbiome plays a fundamental role in our cardiovascular health. Incorporating beets into your diet will help increase the body's nitric oxide, an important molecule that helps lower blood pressure and open up blood vessels. 

As always, you know what I say, great skin starts from within. Hope this helps!


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