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What You Need to Know About Menopause & Skincare

The M word. Just the thought of Menopause makes you want to run for cover. But truly, it’s time for a rebrand. New chapters are new beginnings! That said, there are some real menopausal skin things that do arise and here’s some menopause skincare regimen wisdom I’ve gathered from years of working with clients as they work through this enormous hormonal shift.  


What is best menopause skincare regimen?


  • Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! 

One essential for menopause skincare rituals is to use a good quality moisturizer to hydrate your skin, especially after showering or washing your face. Some we love: 


    • MoonLitFromWithin, is specifically formulated to regenerate your menopausal skin while you sleep at night—a time when your skin heals best. It contains a big dose of Broccoli Seed Oil—aka nature’s retinol—to give you that youthful glow you crave.

    • LitFromWithin mimics the natural oils of your skin, for maximum glow factor, heavenly levels of anti-aging and maximum skin regeneration—naturally.

    • GoldenHigh Oil Cleanser is the purest oil cleanser you could ask for. Made with Jojoba and Moringa Oil, which have similar molecular structures to our own sebum, it's the most natural and microbiome-friendly way to get clean.


  • Sunscreen...Obviously!

We probably don’t need to tell you to use sunscreen, but do it.


  • Say no to hot showers

I know, this one sounds like a nightmare. But hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to dryness and irritation. Take a transdermal bath with moisturizing salts (we make a few and have listed them below, they are divine)


  • Eat the rainbow

Eat a balanced diet, kick the processed foods and eat the rainbow babe.


  • Stay hydrated!

To calculate if you are drinking enough, the rule of thumb is:

0.5 x (your body weight in pounds) = the amount of ounces you need.

Example: 0.5 x 200 lbs = 100 ounces


*Pro tip: This amount of hydration will help decrease dark circles!
  • Turn to herbs

The key to menopause in general, and not just menopause skincare regimens, is boosting healthy estrogen and chilling out hot flashes. Introduce gentle yet effective herbs to help. Black Cohosh, Panax Ginseng and Fatimah at perfect for menopause. 


  • & Use gentle products

Shameless plug: our entire line is made without harsh chemicals or ingredients you need to worry about, it won’t irritate sensitive menopausal skin and was literally created to be used all day everyday with your health in mind.



    Jenny Jewel

    I haven't yet fully arrived in this category but this is how I support my clients during this transition:

    But my biggest tip for your menopause skincare regimen and your overall helath is keep your Iodine levels up. I know, it sounds small but the benefits are tremendous and it's not really talked about much.

    The main function of iodine is the secretion and synthesis of the thyroid hormone. It’s been shown to improve estrogen receptor sensitivity and is used by every hormone in the body. The entire endocrine* system, brain and immune system need way more iodine than is being consumed. You can take 6 drops of iodine under the tongue daily. I’ve seen a huge difference and it’s a simple thing to do so it's very worth a try!**

    Rootless is an amazing brand if you want something yummy that will boost your iodine levels.


    *The endocrine system is a complex network of glands and organs that produce and secrete hormones into the bloodstream. These hormones act as chemical messengers, traveling through the bloodstream to target cells or organs in the body, where they regulate various physiological processes and maintain overall balance and homeostasis.

    **Of course, like with anything, I’m not offering medical advice and definitely consult a doctor before adding things to your routines!



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