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Skin Detox is Myth. For Radiant Skin, Detox From Within.

Skin Detox is a myth. Liver detox and kidney detox are what works.


There’s nothing like the New Year to set everyone on the path to detoxification—trust, I’m there with you. Interestingly, so many people also invest—heavily—in ‘skin detox’ products. But here, sadly, I need to call bullshit. What you really want to focus on is liver detox and kidney detox. So let's get into how you can actually detox for clearer skin!


How to Detox for Clearer Skin:

There’s just one simple thing to say here: your skin can’t detox. 

The real heroes? Your liver and kidneys. 

As I always say: good skin comes from within. 

"your skin can’t detox"


Understanding Skin Detox

Contrary to popular belief, your skin doesn't have detox abilities. The liver is the powerhouse for detoxification in your body. It filters toxins, breaks them down, and eliminates them. The kidneys join in, filtering and removing waste from your bloodstream. So if you want to ‘detox’ your skin, start from within. Support what’s actually supporting you.



Detoxification VS. ‘Pulling Toxins’


This involves the process of neutralizing and eliminating harmful substances or toxins from the body. The liver metabolizes toxins, converting them into less harmful compounds, while the kidneys filter and excrete waste products through urine. 



In theory, this is an external processes or treatments that claim to "remove toxins" from the skin usually topically, to draw out impurities. These products are often marketed as special ‘detox’ facials and masks. These methods might help remove surface-level debris, pollutants, or excess oils, contributing to clearer and healthier-looking skin. However, they don’t directly eliminate internal toxins stored within the body. 


We’re all for exfoliating the skin, whether it’s with a great honey mask or by dry brushing, but nothing topically can detox. You can definitely improve the texture and increase circulation but not detox.


While skincare practices can support surface-level cleansing, true detoxification occurs primarily through the body's internal organs.


Liver Detox and Kidney Detox For Clearer Skin

Here are my go-to’s for supporting liver and kidney detox. Having optimal function in these organs will give you clearer, healthier skin. If you aren’t sure if you need a liver detox, this is a good article to dive into. But you want your liver functioning for all sort of reasons, not to mention regulating the amount of hormones in your blood stream.


Repeat: nothing topical can have this effect.


Rich in antioxidants, dandelion tea supports liver health. It aids in the liver detox process by enhancing bile production, promoting digestion, and flushing out toxins. I’m a fan of Buddha Teas.



This herbal remedy is a kidney detox superstar. Nettle tea assists in eliminating waste from the body and reduces inflammation, supporting overall kidney function.



Bone broth contains nutrients that support gut health, indirectly benefiting liver function and aiding in detoxification. Bone broth is also excellent for staying healthy in general. Here’s a reel that goes into my fave ‘stay healthy’ picks you can get at Erewhon or whatever local organic market is near you. 




IC Devices imprint formulas into your water, turning your water into a natural remedy. There are hundred’s, if not thousands of ICs but there are a several that really can complement the body's natural detox processes, and support healthy skin. I love the Infopathy IC Device so much it was on our Holiday Gift Guide as one of my top picks for gifting, and I have a whole article on what they are and why I think they are great here. Definitely woo-woo meets science—which you know I love.



Similar to transdermal baths, detox baths are paired with ingredients to aid in removing toxins and impurities in the body. Our PortalTides Soak is both a detox bath soak and a transdermal soak—magic.

The Truth About Skin Toxins

Detoxing the skin isn’t about expelling toxins directly. It's more about ensuring your body's detox systems are functioning optimally, so they can effectively deal with the toxins encountered daily.


Environmental Factors 

Our modern world bombards us with environmental stressors. Technologies like 5G and EMFs (Electric and magnetic fields) can interfere with our body's natural processes. Consider placing your mobile phone away from sleeping areas and reducing screen time before bed to mitigate these interferences. You can also looking into EMF protection devices that reduce these interferences. Place under the bed and next to your computer. I like this Grounding Bag from Nutrifarmacy.


Jenny Jewel

"IC Devices are one of those things that you just have to see/feel it to believe it. I have an article explaining them (in the works!) but this might just fall into the ‘trust me’ category. I can personally attest to amazing results and benefits and I’ve seen it help dozen of my clients. If you don’t have one, I really recommend getting one and just seeing for yourself (I don’t make any money off these, I’m just a fan)

My two favorite ICs for detox are:

Cellular Detox 

Skin Flush"


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