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What is a Transdermal Bath?

Transdermal baths are pretty magical and have actually been scientifically proven to be beneficial. We'll get into what a transdermal bath is, and why it's so beneficial.

Postpartum Skincare & Retinol Alternatives

Postpartum skincare is a matter of dealing with hormonal minefield. And to make it harder you must avoid things like Retinol. But not to worry, there are a few retinol alternatives we...

Why is Broccoli Seed Oil Good for Your Skin?

  Broccoli Seed Oil is nature's retinol Let's unpack why! In our opinion Broccoli Seed Oil t is one of the most underrated skincare ingredient—it's basically nature's retinol and you should...

Why We Infuse Our Lube With Gemstones

Gemstone infusion takes our lube to another level. It might not be standard or 'normal' but who’s craving ‘normal’ and ‘sex’ together anyway?! To make sure the vibe is always...


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