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Jenny's Wellness Gift Guide (and more picks from the team!)


Want to gift the best wellness goodies this holiday? Of course you do. Jenny gives her expert tips and ideas for the best-of-the-best. Plus more tried-and-tested recommendations from the team. Welcome to the BeautyGrass Wellness Gift Guide 2023



Founder / Pisces / All things wellness


  1. I can’t say enough about The Lymphatic Brush. Get one for your face. One for your body. Get one for all the people you love. Watch the transformation.

  2. Anything and everything from Anima Mundi. If you have a supplement lover in your life this is the place to shop for them.

  3. Obviously, you know I’m obsessed with all things mycelium. I just bought one of these Shrooly machines to grow my own mushroom—such a fun gift for kids and adults.

  4. While I’m on the topic of mycelium, why not gift a BeautyGrass MyceliumTides to all your bath lovers. It’s restorative and anti-aging—what more could you ask for in a gift.

  5. Have a woo-woo lover but one that likes to see actual results? Get them an Infopathy IC device and turn their water into medicine. I use this religiously and I see the difference.



Co-founder / Scorpio / Lover of fine things


  1. I have to start with my favorite BeautyGrass product: Sacred Salve. I can’t live without it. I put it on everything. My kids’ boo-boos, dry hands, hang nails, sore feet—it’s a fix everything gift that makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

  2. Jenny and I are both obsessed with biomats. Mine is on my desk chair. I love it. It’s a wonderful gift.

  3. Shefayoga is my go-to for hot yoga but they also do wonderful retreats so if you’re feeling splurgy check them out.

  4. You can’t go wrong with Clare V in my opinion. Wallet, bag, or one of their new prints with Framebridge, it’s all great.

  5. Can you have a crush on a brand? Of course you can! I’m fairly obsessed with everything coming out of Walden. Meditation seats, journey jewels, it’s all so good.



Creative Director / Virgo / Believer in truly personal gifts


  1. Everything from Casa OK. If you have a host you're gifting, a friend who with impeccable home decor—this is the place for you. They just launched in CDMX, shop in person there or DM them to figure out if you can ship one of their drops or set up a gift card. All handmade in Mexico. All one of a kind. Each has an amazing story.

  2. I was only introduced to gifting fruit recently and while I love a good pear, I’m obsessed with the variety of exotic  fruits Miami Fruit has in their boxes—such a fun gift.

  3. I  can’t live without my Ykra Dopp Kit. It’s big enough that 2oz bottles can all stand up. Their backpack and the fanny are also amazing. Lots to love for basically anyone you love.

  4. Have a cool mom or an ultra cool kid in your life? Shop for kids vintage at Lifetime of Leisure. They have the best stuff AND they are now making their own Leisure merch with up-cycled second-hand pieces. Bonus: broken-in means ultra soft and cozy. Get them while they last.

  5. The BeautyGrass product I give to literally everyone is RadicalSeeker Honey Mask. I know it works. It will make you glow. It will get rid of hormonal acne. It is just the product that changed my skin and I love gifting that to people.




(because we can’t help ourselves!)


  1. The Studio MDR (Lagree Pilates) is an essential part of any great Westside wellness routine. Get your butt kicked in the best way possible. A pack of classes is an amazing gift.

  2. Ready to make a movie? Don’t yet have the backing? Or just want to gift all the tips on how to make a great film to your budding director friend? Get Courtney Daniels’ new book Yes You Can.

  3. We’re gifting a few of the tweens in our life Tower 28 makeup kits. They are clean, they are female founded. And they are super cute.

  4. Love a good yoga set, almost as much as I love our Wellness Gift Guides, and Beyond Yoga makes some cute ones. And it’s female-founded. The material is so soft and yummy—like butter—and not tight so no marks on your body. Next best thing to working out naked.

  5. And finally, something a bit cheeky for a behind-closed-doors gift exchange. Gift the person (or people!) you can’t get enough of some Temple Lube. It heightens sensitivity. It increases sensitivity. It’s a gift for everyone involved.


Jenny Jewel

"I'm in love with copper at the moment—it's so good for you! If you need an extra gift idea, gift a copper mug or jug to boost the vibrations all year long."


Stay glowing, shop small, and have the most wonderful, high vibrational holiday! xoxo —Jenny


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