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What are the Benefits of CBD Salve?

Before we can get into anything ‘beneficial’ about CBD. We first have to say NOT ALL CBD IS CREATED EQUAL!   What are the benefits of topical CBD?   Sometimes,...

What is a Transdermal Bath?

Transdermal baths are pretty magical and have actually been scientifically proven to be beneficial. We'll get into what a transdermal bath is, and why it's so beneficial.

What is Skin Texture? And How do I improve it?

Skin texture is determined by various factors such as genetics, age, skin type, and lifestyle habits such as sun exposure, smoking, and diet—lovely, basically everything under the sun and including...

Why We Infuse Temple Lube With Gemstones

Gemstone infusion takes our lube to another level. It might not be standard or 'normal' but who’s craving ‘normal’ and ‘sex’ together anyway?! To make sure the vibe is always...


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