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5 Skincare tips for traveling (1 might surprise you!)


Without a doubt, one of the top 10 questions I get asked as an estie (esthetician for those not in the biz) has to be: Jenny! How do you stop my skin from look like s**t when I’m traveling?!  So here are some of my top skincare tips for traveling.


What are the best skincare tips for traveling?

There’s not silver bullet but at least know you are not alone. 

The dry air on airplanes can wreak havoc on the skin, leaving it dehydrated, dull, and prone to breakouts. Did you know that humidity levels in airplane cabins can be as low as 10-20%. To put that in perspective, a comfortable humidity level for humans is between 40-60%. This extremely low humidity is what causes all that dehydration—and dehydration is NOT our friend.

After a couple of decades of intensive testings, especially with my clients who travel extensively for productions or meetings, these are my personal top 5 tips to keep your skin looking healthy AND radiant.


5 skincare tips for traveling


  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

One of the most important things you can do for your skin while flying is to stay hydrated. Guzzle girls. Say yes whenever they come around. Bring the largest water bottle you can. On top of that you can spritz your face with a hydrating mist throughout the flight to help combat the dry cabin air.


  • Wheels up. Oil up.

Before boarding your flight, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin and apply a face oil. You might be tempted to go with a heavy moisturizer but actually that stops your skin from breathing.

And look at the ingredients.

Seek out ultra hydrators like Watermelon Seed Oil found in LitFromWithin or Olive Squalane found in MoonLitFromWithin. Those will help to keep dehydration at bay.

MoonLitFromWithin is also particular amazing on arrival too as it moisturizes and repairs skin while you sleep—a time when your skin heals best. So you wake up to glowing skin and feeling confident—chef’s kiss 🤌


  • Keep it clean

Cleanse your skin before your fly and keep it clean. Similar to the heavy moisturizer, makeup can trap the skin so avoid it if you can—channel your inner Alicia Keys.


  • Take travel sizes of all your faves

This feels obvious but pack your favorite travel size products.

If you have to prioritize one, go for  an oil cleanser like GoldenHigh.

Tap water in new places can really affect the skin making it sensitive, dry and unbalanced so sharing that water bottle on your nightstand with your skin is your best bet. The lovely thing about oil cleansing if you don’t have to use that much water so you can cleanse with a cloth (we love the cotton ones in our Radical Remedy Ritual Kit because they are tiny and yours) and then use a little bottled spring water to rinse.

Hotel taps are notoriously dirty—ick. 


  • Steam on arrival

Obviously this isn’t available on every occasion but if you have the option, hop in a steam room when you arrive. This will help you get your hydration levels back up. Or, bring a small bedside humidifier with you.


BeautyGrass travel skincare packing list:


  1. The best oil cleanser you can find. Aka. GoldenHigh Oil Cleanser

  2. A super hydrating face oil. We love MoonLitFromWithin because it heals you skin at high, when you heal best.

  3. Your own cotton face cloth. We love the one in our Radical Remedy Ritual Kit.

  4. Sunscreen. Never leave the house without it. We love Suntegrity.

  5. A mini humidifier if you can fit it.

  6. Sacred Salve—our go to fix everything, heal everything balm.



Jenny Jewel

Always travel with the Sacred Salve. It's a one-stop shop product that can be used as a stress reliever during flights.

Sacred Salve can also be used for hydrating hands, lips and cuticles.

Apply to your feet or belly for a spa-like experience while you travel. It can also calm bug bites and heal boo boo's you might get in humid locations (we’re looking at you Italy).


Hopefully these tips were insightful. Subscribe to our email (sent sparingly) for more tips like these. Safe travels!



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