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Interview with BeautyGrass Founder, Jenny Evans














Debi Nova x Jenny Evans, BeautyGrass Founder

BeautyGrass’ Founding Story


Video Shot by Courtney Daniels, Author of Yes You Can

Interview Debi Nova:

Hi, I'm Debi Nova. 

I'm here with the amazing Jenny Evans and we're gonna talk about your magical special and beautiful product line BeautyGrass. 

[Laugh] Let's do that again! 

Jenny Evans, BeautyGrass Founder:

Just talk in Spanish! 


Yeah! Yeah! Hola soy Debi Nova y estoy aqui con la marvellosa.  

I've known you since 2006 you've changed my life and my face and I'm so grateful for it. How did you start doing this?


Oh, wow. So, let's see. 

I originally was in school to be a Furniture designer. So always using that creative part of my brain. 

But I had appendicitis in my early 20s, when I was 21. And it kind of altered not only altered my life, but it altered my appearance drastically in my body. 

I had a ruptured appendix and ended up in the hospital for about three days. And when I came out one of the ramifications of the toxins being, you know, coursing through my whole body, I developed grade three-four acne vulgaris. 

“I developed grade three-four acne vulgaris."

So my whole face was purple with acne, and I was really really sick. 

And I was bartending at the time and so your appearance is like, you know everything. 

So, I just slumped into a horrible depression. And didn't want to go out of the house, to show my face. 

I went to every makeup counter possible to try to get something to conceal it but it was so purple, and so inflamed, and infected, nothing could cover it. 

And I had so many people coming up to me being like "Oh, you're such a pretty girl, you should you know, try this or try that" and it led me down a really terrible path into seeing dermatologist after dermatologist. I was pumped up on like so many different types of antibiotics and topicals that just dried it out but never really healed the skin. 

“I was pumped up on like so many different types of antibiotics and topicals that just dried it out but never really healed the skin.”

Until I started working holistically. And really was paying attention to my diet. Really paying attention to what I was putting on my skin topically, too. I dialed everything back and went off all the antibiotics. And I started getting facials regularly. And…[that’s when I] really started to notice the healing process. Those things working in harmony. Really from the inside out. So, I started getting facials like every three weeks—and I did not have the money to do that! But I just, you know…

“I dialed everything back and went off all the antibiotics. And I started getting facials regularly. And…[that’s when I] really started to notice the healing process.”


You did it!


I made all of the cuts. And I was like, this is what I'm gonna do. I remember laying there one day thinking “this would be the most amazing job”. So I asked my little estie (esthetician). I'm like:  “What do you? What are you?” And she's like: “Oh, you know, I'm an esthetician and I went to school.” And I literally that day I enrolled in esthetic school.

And I was on this healing journey. Like this is my life! I was really confident that this was the road that I was gonna take.


See! I didn't know any of this! And I've known you for a long time now. It makes total sense because as your client what it feels like is it feels very personal to you. It's not just a facial. It's not just an oil or a product. It feels like your whole being is in it. 

“ your client what it feels like is it feels very personal to you. It's not just a facial. It's not just an oil or a product. It feels like your whole being is in it.”


So, it comes from that place of you went through your own healing and that's where you found the beauty and the love for what you do. And it totally makes sense. 

So, now let's talk about BeautyGrass, which has been your baby, right, for the last few years?! You have been developing carefully. I mean, I'm a fan, you know, I can't stop using it. What's special about it? Let's share with everyone! What's the secret? What's so amazing about it?

“BeautyGrass…Let's share with everyone! What's the secret? What's so amazing about it?"


I use BeautyGrass as a tool in my treatment room. And there is so many beautiful skincare products out there. Like there's a plethora of organic, thoughtful, amazing, just beautiful creations. 

“BeautyGrass is like an extension of my hands right? It's like all the knowledge that I know. The specialness comes from the plants.”

BeautyGrass is like an extension of my hands right? It's like all the knowledge that I know. The specialness comes from the plants. The high-grade quality of cold-pressed oils. The harmony of essential oils. Everything smells delicious.

It was amazing to work on because I could make these different batches and guinea pig on my clients to really see how it impacted their skin. I could see what helped with rosacea, with inflammation, with acne…right?! Like I could really gauge. So, I was the only person I actually knew that was documenting all of this information to get true feedback about milligrams and dosage and how to use them. That's one thing that I really think BeautyGrass is unique and special for. I have had this these many years of experimenting on my beautiful clients.


“I could see what helped with rosacea, with inflammation, with acne…I was the only person I actually knew that was documenting all of this information to get true feedback about milligrams and dosage and how to use them.”


So, I use both the cleanser, the oil cleanser, you have both the LitFromWithin, the MoonLitFromWithin, the mask. The lube, the body oil. What else am I missing? 


The bath salts!

Two things that I would probably add to the line would be an exfoliator and possibly a serum. 

Because I do this like from the ground up everything is small batched. Everything is made on a on a moon cycle. There's a lot of things that a lot of me that goes into this. It's not like I can mass produce this in a lab. There's a lot of integrity and thoughtfulness. Not only with the ingredients that I use, and all of the herbs that I use, like I have know exactly where my Jojoba comes from. I have relationships with the people that I get the the bulk of my oils from. Even the honey for that matter. All these things. They really matter to me. 

“Everything is made on a on a moon cycle. There's a lot of things that a lot of me that goes into this. It's not like I can mass produce this in a lab.”

There's so many options out there what I want my clients to know is: you don't have to look at the back and be like, "Oh I can't use that" right? I've already done that work for you. That's my job as your esthetician. You don't have to second guess that some hidden preservative is gonna be in BeautyGrass. That's what I want, first and foremost, for people to understand is: I would use this stuff on myself, my kids, my husband my dog, right!? Like, when I'm you know, making the the honey [mask], I'm taking a big spoonful of it. It's edible, you know, it sounds a little weird but like…


No, you want to be able to eat what you put on your skin.




Your skin absorbs everything

“You want to be able to eat what you put on your skin…Your skin absorbs everything”


It's upsetting to me that something has a certification and an organic label yet there's a preservative in there that is a potential carcinogen or an endocrine disruptor or, oops, you know, if you add a little Vitamin C and now you've caused like real damage in the skin. It's a dirty little secret in skincare. 

We have such little control about our environment. 

The last thing I want people to have to worry about when they come see me and they come experience my treatments or my product is that there's something potentially hazardous that's gonna affect them.

“Something has a certification and an organic label yet there's a preservative in there that is a potential carcinogen or an endocrine disruptor or, oops, you know, if you add a little Vitamin C and now you've caused like real damage in the skin. It’s a dirty little secret in skincare.”



Oh, and the pluses are that you're gonna look amazing too.


Yeah. Yeah! That's a plus!


I have noticed definitely a difference. I used to use, I don't know, seven different products the serums!

And now I just use both of your oils. LitFromWithin & MoonLitFromWithin in the morning and at night. And I cleanse with the oil (GoldenHigh Oil Cleanser).


Yeah. This girl's is full on surfer, right?! Like hyperpigmentation. She would be like: “Sorry spent the last three months in Costa Rica”, I'd be like: “oh my God. Okay, we're gonna right this”. But I do feel like not only do my treatments help. We can't ever get rid of hyperpigmentation, but we can certainly  minimize it. So, [it’s one of my] tools for minimizing hyperpigmentation and it is amazing. 

Like my husband had, you know, born in San Diego raised Southern California, a lot of skin damage. And he's like “Jenny! I have nothing on my face?! Like, I have no marks on my face anymore and it's because I've been using BeautyGrass.”


I'm also here to experience it!

So I'm not just here for the interview and now we're gonna try some of the products and I'm really excited about that. I don't know if there's anything else you want to add. 


No, just sit back relax and enjoy!

Eager to see how it’s done?! Watch Debi get the FULL BeautyGrass Facial here. Warning: It’s long. But if you are a skincare nut then this is the video of your dreams. Enjoy. 





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