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5 Mindfulness Techniques that are Simple, Easy and Effective


Self-care is more important than ever. Simple mindfulness techniques are a great self-care tool. They can take 5 minutes and yet the pick-me-up can last all day!

That’s why we’ve compiled five of our favorite guided meditations (and a bonus!) to ground you, help relieve some anxiety andhelp you feel your best—quickly!


What are some simple mindfulness techniques? 


Back To Basics


Try this guided meditation with Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education at the Mindfulness Resource Center at UCLA. Back to Basics covers what mindfulness is, why it’s important, how it affects the brain and then walks us through a thirty-minute practice.  

Total time: 30 minutes


Chakra Method

For those who don’t have the space to listen to a guided meditation—meet the Chakra Method. We love this guide that holds more details on the power and mantra of each chakra, as well as how to identify blocked ones. 

Total time: 30 minutes 


You've Got This

Mary-Frances Makichen calls herself the “Mr. Rodgers of Meditation.” In this episode, she takes us through a meditation that helps us navigate the wild world we are living in and asks us to open our heart to do it.

Total time: 7 minutes 



This simple mindfulness practice can be done anywhere, at anytime, and at any length and can work wonders for anxiety by helping us stay grounded in our senses and in the present. So, although we’ve listed it as a 5-minute meditation, it’s truly a “Choose Your Adventure” approach.

Focus on… 5 things you can see. 4 things you can hear. 3 things you can touch. 2 things you can smell. And 1 thing you can taste.

Total time: 5 minutes


The 1 Minute Way

Now may be one of those moments where you don’t have the luxury to pause for five, ten or thirty minutes. In that case, try Headspace’s 1-minute meditation. Once you master it, you can take the practice with you wherever you go—whether it’s in the grocery store parking lot or in the shower. 

Total time: 1 minute 


Jenny Jewel

If you’re at home with your kiddos—meditation isn’t off the table for you!  

Try having the whole family join in on the quiet fun by sharing this guided meditation from Yoga with Adriene. 

Or check out this guide on mindfulness for little ones and some kid-friendly mindfulness exercises from the New York Times. 



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