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World, Meet Jenny Evans

Holy cow, it's really happening. And we're so glad you're here with us. This is simply a short introduction to me, Jenny Evans, my practice as an esthetician and, most importantly, what drew me to creating BeautyGrass.

Introducing Jenny Evans

Celebrity esthetician and plant-medicine lover.

My name is Jenny Evans, and I've been working as an esthetician for 22 years. I've traveled the world—from Istanbul to Costa Rica, and many, many places in between—in search of the most transformative skin therapies, techniques, and ingredients on the planet. 

My journey has—no surprises here—taught me many things about beauty.

The biggest learning, of course, has been that beauty is so much more than skin deep. The ‘concept’ of ‘beauty’ changes everywhere you go, as does its very unique manner of pursuit. It’s deeply personal, but also a product of the world, and ways, we live.

Some other things I’ve learned: Ancient wisdom is very real and powerful, and Mother Nature and plant medicine is… magic. For real.

Nature, and plant medicine, is such a source of power, healing, and possibility. I am constantly awed and delighted by not only the wonder of the plant-based ingredients I work with, but by their efficacy, too.


Skin has long been my preferred language for exploring and nourishing the self, inspiring confidence, and instilling a sense of empowerment in myself and others. In my pursuit of this work, I’ve discovered so much goodness. BeautyGrass is my way of spreading that goodness around.


In my work, I’ve found that the way so many of us experience beauty is so often about how someone else sees us. And though we’re riding a delightful wave of self-care right now, even that can sometimes feel like it’s in the service of others.  This is all to say: I hope that when you use BeautyGrass, you love every second of it. I hope that you feel rooted in your inherent, natural, bodacious beauty. That you come to deeply appreciate and marvel at the wonders of our planet. And that you feel not only amazing (though, yes please!), but empowered to shine.


World, meet BeautyGrass.
BeautyGrass, meet world.

—Love and light, Jenny Evans


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