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Why We Infuse CBD Lube With Gemstones


Gemstone infusion takes our CBD Lube to another level. It might not be standard or 'normal' but who’s craving ‘normal’ and ‘sex’ together anyway?! To make sure the vibe is always right, we infuse each batch with Raw Carnelian, Raw Orange Calcite and Red Jasper crystals. Time to learn why.


Why are there gemstones in our CBD Lube?


  • To up the Earth Kingdom magic!

  • To make sure the vibe is always right, we infuse each batch with Raw Carnelian, Raw Orange Calcite and Red Jasper crystals, all known for upping the libido and boosting sexual energy—oh hey! 

  • There’s a lot more than just the gemstones that go into make Temple CBD Lube amazing but we’re looking for a superstar product. Again, ‘average’ and ‘sex’—no need for that. 


      Why these particular gemstones?


      • Raw Carnelian Sexual Superpowers

      Crystals like Carnelian have been used since ancient times to boost sexual energy.

      With its bright red or orange color, Carnelian is one of the best crystals to activate the Sacral chakra. 

      Carnelian restores vitality, enhances sexual energy, bringing enjoyment and fulfillment into your sex life.


      • Raw Orange Calcite Sexual Superpowers

      Known as the stone for creativity, orange calcite is a great stone to improve your sexual drive, especially when you are lacking sexual energy.

      This bright orange stone will get your sexual energy flowing and help you relax.

      Orange Calcite brings joyful and uplifting energies and causes you to radiate sexual magnetism and attraction. Promoting enthusiasm and passion in your sex life.


      • Red Jasper Sexual Superpowers

      Red Jasper stimulates sexual energy and boosts libido.

      This stone’s energy helps in sexual healing, removes energy blocks and inhibitions.

      Red Jasper energizes the sexual organs, ignites erotic desires, and allows sexual experiences without guilt or shame.

      Red is the color of passion in many cultures, and this red stone will ignite your passion.


              Jenny Jewel

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              If you want to learn more about gemstones, I particularly like this app, Rock Finder.



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