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What a vulva massage is and how to do it?


Ah, the vulva. So magical, so misunderstood, so so so powerful.

When we created Temple Lube we were thinking deeply about how this incredible body part needs so much more love and attention than it is ever given. 
To that end, we want to introduce the Vulva Massage. No, we didn’t create it. It’s a wonderful and proven exercise that can reawaken your body in the way you deeply deserve.

"Vulva massage and masturbation aren’t technically the same. But consider this a warning: one thing might lead to another. xoxo" - Jenny

Let us begin... 

What is a Vulva Massage:

A vulva or vaginal massage, sometimes called a Yoni massage, is as much of a sensual massage as it is a wellness regimen. A vulva massage involves lightly touching the vulva with various pressures, speeds and movements including cupping, tapping, rolling, and circling. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Ultimately, it’s your temple, your choice. 

What are the benefits of Vulva Massage?
  • Improved vaginal sensitivity. You can also increase this by adding a lube, such as our Temple Lube, which is high in CBD to increase sensitivity.

  • Alleviate tension on the vaginal walls.

  • Enhance your sex life.

  • Promote orgasms, which naturally increase dopamine, oxytocin, norepinephrine and testosterone levels; Beautifully supporting emotional and mental wellness.

How do I give myself a Vulva Massage?
Step 1.

Create a calm relaxing ambiance. Light a candle, dim the lights, put relaxing music on and find a comfortable place to explore your sacred temple.

Step 2. 

Apply Temple Lube. Start by adding two pumps and warm the oil into clean hands. 

Step 3.

Slowly touch your vulva and find what feels good to you. Explore the different pressures, speed and various movements that include cupping, tapping, rolling, and circling. 


Your temple. Your choice.

Use a partner or go solo.

Here is our Founder, Jenny Evans, on all things vulva massage: 


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Why we recommend Temple Lube and what makes it different to other lubes out there?
  • A nightstand-worthy lube that’s as much skincare as it is sexual wellness.

  • High level of CBD 

    • To increase sensitivity in just the ways you want.

  • Organic Jojoba Oil 

    • For maximum skin hydration.  

  • Broccoli Seed Oil 

    • For a silky velvety feel, mimicking the slip and feel of silicone.

  • Olive Squalene 

    • To restore moisture, plump skin and create a natural protective barrier.

  • Damask Rose 

    • A light, love-promoting scent known to reduce stress.

  • Raw Carnelian, Raw Orange Calcite and Red Jasper Crystals

    • All known for upping libido and boosting sexual energy—oh hey! 



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