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CBD Benefits Inside & Out

CBD is everywhere, have you noticed?

Yeah, you probably have! Maybe you’ve seen those three buzziest of letters cropping up in beverages and baked goods, face oils and bath soaks, chocolates and vape pens, even supplements you might mistake for your daily multi-vitamin. But what is CBD?

And, uh, why do we love it enough to make an entire beauty line inspired by its magic?!

 We totally get your curiosity. Read on, as we introduce you to the wonders of CBD, or Cannabidiol, and hopefully make the case for why you should definitely be putting it on your face

• You can smoke it, yeah, but you’re seeing it pop up in skincare products for good reason.

• In addition to its palliative properties, CBD is also a powerhouse antioxidant — even more powerful than vitamins A, C, and E.

• CBD is a formidable free radical fighter and helps your skin fend off all sorts of baddies like UV radiation, sun damage, even cigarette smoke, and can promote the turnover of damaged skin cells to reveal new, happier, glowier skin cells.

• CBD also boasts a beautiful spectrum of omegas, which helps with all sorts of good stuff like skin cell regeneration, skin immunity, sebum balance, as well as deep nourishment.

• CBD is also a rich source of essential nutrients, minerals, proteins, and fatty acids, and is a vegan source of vitamin D, a deficiency of which can contribute to acne flare-ups, even bouts with depression.

• Not all CBD is made equal. Ours is not only the purest out there, harvested by hand, but is hemp-based, which means CBD levels are higher than CBD extracted from the marijuana leaf. Trust, it’s a difference you can believe in.

• When combined with other powerhouse natural oils and extracts, CBD functions much like any other super ingredient. 

See? Magic.


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