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Zoom Air Ritual Zodiac Kit
Zoom Air Ritual Zodiac Kit

Air Ritual Zodiac Kit


The kit is made to soothe our deeply rational, highly logical air signs—that’s you Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Everything in here is perfect for calming your deeply thinking spirit. This Air Ritual Zodiac Kit features our SeeingEye candle, a full-size SacredNaked Body Oil and a dry brush. The calming nature of this ritual will whisk you away as you dream up the solutions to the world’s opportunities.

Cruelty-free | Paraben-free | Phathalate-free | 100% Vegan

SacredNaked Body Oil
*100+mg CBD per 4oz, *Ashwagandha Root, *Bala Root, Lotus Root, *Shatavari Root, *Licorice Root, *Brahmi/Gotu Kola, *Grapefruit Seed Oil (cold-pressed), *Broccoli Seed Oil (cold-pressed), *Sacha Inchi Seed Oil (cold-pressed), *Amla Oil (cold-pressed), *Rice Bran Oil (cold-pressed), *Prickly Pear Oil (cold-pressed), *Gotu Kola Oil, Non-GMO Alpha-Tocopherol, *Geranium EO, *Lavender EO, *Cypress EO, *Neroli EO, *Palmarosa EO, *Vetiver EO, *Mitti Attar Oil, *White Lotus Absolute Flower

SacredLady Dry Brush
Bamboo paddle and natural boar bristles

SeeingEye Candle
A custom blend of beeswax and soy, all organic, hand painted and scented with Rose and Dragon’s Blood

Our Air Sign babes <3 these signs are known for making decisions easily. And there’s no easier decision than a deeply hydrating body oil + dry brush situation.

How To Use

For an Ayurvedic practice, light the SeeingEye Candle. Then, use a generous amount of SacredNaked Body oil, applying light to moderate pressure with the SacredLady Dry Brush, massaging the entire body. Working from your head to your feet use long strokes on the long bones and circles around the joints of your arms and legs. Dry brushing is the most effective way to stimulate your lymphatic system.


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